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Athlete affairs all too common

So Roger Clemens was a pitcher who could play the field, eh?

Country singer Mindy McCready? The ex-wife of professional golfer John Daly?

Well, ho-hum. Might have been a better story if Clemens didn’t engage in extramarital affairs because, truth is, that would have made him stand out in professional sports as a rare exception.

Virtually every married major-leaguer has fooled around with willing and eager females in past decades, folks, and you’re naïve or ignorant if you don’t believe that. The Hall of Fame is filled with guys such as Wade Boggs and Paul Molitor, who cheated on their wives.

Sure, Clemens may have used steroids and was generally a jerk, but he also was baseball’s most dominating pitcher. And to suggest The Rocket be barred from the Hall because reporters recently finked on his flings? That would be even more stupid than banning Pete Rose for gambling.

For more on Clemens, and to understand why the Blue Jays refuse to sign Barry Bonds, check out my latest MLB Report.

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