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Atlanta artist Kap G showcases bilingual drawl on ‘Like a Mexican’

“Nachos nachos extra queso” starts the chorus on “Eddie Guerrero,” where Kap G does what no artist has yet, he bilinguals up Atlanta. On his new mixtape, “Like a Mexican,” the Mexican-American U.S. artist represents the Spanish side of the Dirty South. The result is a rich combo of culture for hip hop heads and La Raza alike.

This past month Kap G released “Like a Mexican,” his drop with collaborators including Young Jeezy, Fabolous and Chingo Bling. The remix of “Tatted Like Amigos” features Wiz Khalifa and another track, “Cocaina Shawty,”has production by, wait for it, Happy Pharrell Williams. Young Kap G blasts on the scene with his stories of immigration, and extended neighborhood family, bringing pesos and tacos into the rap game vernacular. “Jose got no tacos, eh,” is the chorus; the verse by Young Jeezy includes, “And they wrap like enchiladas….got me speaking Spanish.” Kap G drawls with a Southern swag as he delivers a proper corrido in English, telling stories of crime and struggle through song.

“Okay, I’m working like a Mexican,” and “Talking about having commas,” give rich innuendo to illustrate the young artist’s reality in the College Park neighborhood of Atlanta. The video for the original version of “Tatted Like Amigos”featured Chief Keef rhyming on the subject of herb while the video for the remix has an MC, Spenzo, blasting misogyny harder than the most macho vato further south. Kap G songs tell tales from the hood; the bad, the good – like the intro claims, hip hop has always been a genre that’s “authentic” first and foremost. And about now, that includes a large segment of the neighborhood who has been on mute for too long.

“I play them tuba,” Kap G is proud. And right now he’s not only included in the rap game, he’s rising fast. “Nachos nachos extra queso. I’m stacking it like Legos.”

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