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Attack shocks community

Some Courtenay residents say their community is still in shock after a fight between three white men and one black man.

The clip was posted on YouTube
showing Jay Philips, 38, defending himself against the three attackers on Friday.

Racist slurs aimed at Philips can be heard throughout the video.

Dylan Banner, Philips’ employer at landscaping company Banner Maintenance, said he is “absolutely disgusted.”

“He’d do anything for anybody, anywhere and anytime,” said Banner, who’s known Philips for six years. “He’s just a great guy. He’s the type of guy you go golfing with.”

The fight broke out in a parking lot, and at one point one of the attackers had Philips in a headlock on the ground while the other two struck him from above.

They separated when two cars entered the parking lot.

Three suspects have been arrested.

RCMP Const. Tammy Douglas said the fight is not a reflection of the Comox Valley city.

“This is a very unusual event to happen in our community,” said Douglas. “We are a very diverse community and we have a lot of different cultures.”

Courtenay Mayor Greg Phelps said that the people he has talked to are “shocked and absolutely appalled by the attack.”

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