Attention New Yorkers: the pizza rat is back – Metro US

Attention New Yorkers: the pizza rat is back

Pizza Rat is back, NYC!

The pizza rat first made headlines back in 2015 when a city-goer documented a fearless rodent sneaking a slice down the 1st Avenue L station stairs. He went viral — and even temporarily got his own street sign tribute in Brooklyn. Over the weekend, another was spotted in action, this time lugging a piece of ‘za along the tracks of the Lexington and 59th street station.

Instagram user Michael Courant posted the new footage on his social channels. As you’d expect, we’re not sure if this is THE pizza rat. So here’s the original video versus this week’s superstar pizza puller to compare the two. (But, off the record, we know it’s the same one gracing us with his presence. It has to be.)

Original pizza rat

New (and improved?) 


I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT! I repeat: I JUST SAW PIZZA RAT! Lexington Ave./59th Street on the downtown 6 track #Blessed

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We’re left with so many questions: Is this really the same rat as before? Where did he get the pizza? Did someone give him the pizza — or was this a stolen slice? Does he have a family to feed? Or, perhaps, is this pizza for a party of one? Most importantly: will the pizza rat return again?

There also seemed to have been a battle between two of these hungry rodents. So, we may have a poser in our midst:

Tread lightly into this springtime weather and keep your slices close, NYC. The pizza rat is among us once again, and though we welcome him with open arms — and camera-primed phones — we’re not ready to give up our ‘za just yet.