'August' the cat recovering after ensnarement in illegal trap: MSPCA - Metro US

‘August’ the cat recovering after ensnarement in illegal trap: MSPCA

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Salisbury resident Randee Michaud is happy to report her cat August survived his run-in with a dangerous, illegal trap one morning last June, but is urging lawmakers — and fellow pet owners — to be aware of the danger.

Michaud said she went to meet her beloved cat in the driveway of her home on June 27, as they’ve done every morning for the past two years. But when August didn’t come home, she knew something was up.

That’s when she saw the animal run back into the house with a rusty trap gripped to his side.

“I whistled and called and minutes went by before he emerged between two houses, sped by me and ran up the stairs to my house dragging this rusty trap that had gripped around the side of his body,” she recalled. “He was crying and so scared—and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

The trap was designed to grip harder as the animal struggled, so Michaud was unable to remove it herself. She wrapped August in a blanket and drove him to Newbury Animal Hospital, where they put the cat under anesthesia to remove the trap.

August is now safely recovering at home, where he’ll remain an indoor cat, Michaud said. His injuries required extensive surgery that removed

Recreational trapping of animals with leghold or other body-gripping traps is illegal in Massachusetts, and laws against them are now more necessary than ever, the MSPCA-Angell Deputy Director of Advocacy Laura Hagen said. Still, there are often legislative efforts to overturn those bans in the state house each year.

<p>August recovering after surgery.</p>
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<p>August recovering after surgery.</p>
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<p>“Trapping with these archaic devices not only imposes a slow and painful death on target wildlife but all too often on pets and other non-target wildlife as well,” Hagen said in a statement.</p>
<p>“Make no mistake: the trap in which August was ensnared was illegally placed,” she continued. “Our concern is that should trapping again secure a foothold in Massachusetts we will see many more trapping related injuries and deaths, among wildlife and pets alike.”</p>
<p>“I’m so glad he survived,” Michaud said. “I hope his story inspires every pet owner to rail against these cruel and inhumane traps.”</p>
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