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Aviation Day focuses on future growth

The aviation and aerospace sectors are constantly evolving and growing.

With workers expected to retire in coming years with not enough young people to replace them, experts and industry employers gathered at the Canada Aviation Museum yesterday to inform young people of their options on National Aviation Day.

“There is always something that’s going to be evolving, especially now with the greening of technologies,” said museum spokesperson Elizabeth Millaire. “This is really an opportunity to break new frontiers and set new paths for aviation and aerospace.”

Surrounded by over 140 aircraft spanning from the pioneer era to modern jets, presenters and exhibitors, including former Canadian Space Agency astronaut Bjarni Tryggvason, celebrated the history and future of flight.

The event was “to highlight where aviation is going,” said Millaire.

Based on information gathered from industry employers, “there’s going to be a shortage in skilled trades in all of aerospace over the next few years,” said Bruce Dwyer, who looks after the aviation programs at Algonquin College.

This includes commercial pilots, aircraft maintenance engineers and assembly workers.

“We have the same issues as in a lot of the skilled trades,” he said. “It’s very important that we keep the message out there, that we keep promoting events like National Aviation Day to create an awareness of our industry in Canada. This is an industry in Canada that’s growing.

Aerospace is an industry that is highly regarded worldwide and Canadian manufacturing is some of the best in the world.”

OPP Const. Sylvie Coté showed different applications for careers in aviation. Officers in aviation positions with the OPP support special units, transport personnel and prisoners and perform searches, among other duties, she said.

A retired Canadian Forces Sperwer reconnaissance aircraft used by the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan was also unveiled yesterday.

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