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Aw, you really shouldn’t have … no, seriously

If you’re doing the unmentionable and thinking about regifting this year, you should heed the advice of Kim McGrigg, spokesperson for Money Management International (which oversees the Web site www.regiftable.com):

Stop and think about your purpose in regifting: Make sure to match regift items to the people you believe would actually enjoy receiving them. It’s not enough to say, “I don’t want this anymore.”

If you aren’t really sure it will make a great gift, then it’s not a good regift and it’s time to think about your other options.

Look at the item. Is it even regiftable? If someone made you something, it is not a regifting candidate. Same with items that are signed or monogrammed; all of those things are off-limits.

Something like a good bottle of wine or inexpensive jewelry, and anything that is in its original packaging (that you don’t have to dust off) is a good option.

Think about the consequences. What is your plan if someone asks you where you got the present? Can you handle telling them truth? The point: Never feel guilty about regifting once you’ve done it.

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