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Back-to-school tech products to keep your child plugged in

Your children can utilize several tech items for when they go back to school this fall. Credit: Barrett Web Coordinator Keep your kids ahead of the curve with these new tech products. Credit: Barrett Web Coordinator

These days, part of back-to-school shopping is stuffing your child’s backpack with the latest tech products in addition to fresh spiral notebooks and folders.Whether you are looking for the latest kid-friendly tablet or a way to help your child stay organized, these are the latest and greatest tech products that are out now.

Google's latest Chromebook model just hit stores last week. Credit: Provided Google’s latest Chromebook model just hit stores last week.
Credit: Provided

Acer Chromebook 13

If you want to get your teen his or her own computer but don’t want to spend a fortune, the new Google Acer Chromebook 13 is a good consideration. It has all the basic programs your child will need to do research and write term papers, but only costs $299. It’s also extremely light, so your teen can tote it in his or her backpack easily. $299, google.com/chromebook

The Echo Smart Pen makes taking notes easy.
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Echo Smartpen

Taking notes has never been easier with Livescribe’s “smart pen” that transcribes hand-written notes to your computer while simultaneously recording audio. Were you scribbling notes too fast and missed what your teacher said? No problem. Just tap on that section of your notes with your pen and the audio clip will take you to the exact moment you wrote it. $119.95, livescribe.com

PowerCurl gets rid of the whole tangled wires problem.
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A tangled mess of wires with your MacBook charger is always a nusiance but the PowerCurl from Quirky can prevent that. With its silicone cover, this MacBook power cord wrap allows you to wrap up your charger quickly without a mess the next time you set up your work station. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes to fit different Macbooks. $9.99, quirky.com

KidFit makes staying active a fun game for kids.

Kidfit Activity Tracker

It’s never too early to stay in shape and kids can easily monitor their activity levels with X-Doria’s KidFit Activity Tracker. The simplistic wristband programs customized activity targets for children between the ages of five and 13. Additionally, the downloadable app provides feedback and a result card to encourage kids to reach their exercise goals. $49.99, shop.x-doria.com

Your child will never lose his or her earbuds again with this cuddly holder.
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Earbuds get lost all of the time, but now there is an adorable storage solution. The miniature petpods come in a variety of different animals including beavers, bears and bald eagles. These cuddly friends come equipped with a velcro pouch to store your headphones neatly and can be attached to a backpack, belt loop or safely in a pocket. $15.99, educationoutdoors.net

DreamTab is the perfect first tablet for a child.
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nabi DreamTab HD8 Tablet

Does your kid always want to borrow your tablet? The nabi DreamTab will be way more interesting to them with it’s kid-friendly games, social networking sites and app store. The tablet also tells your child when it is time to go to bed and to turn it off via parental control settings. $269.99, shop.nabitablet.com

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