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Bands so cool, Google hasn’t even heard of them

If you want to know more about a new band, the first step is to search them out on Google (or Bing or Yahoo! or whatever). Most of the time, you find what you’re looking for. But then there are those bands whose names can either break you or Google.

Names Consisting of Some Common Word
Before Google’s algorithm had figured out that The National was a well-regarded American band, it deposited you in Peter Mansbridge’s lap. Hint: When searching for a band which uses a dreadfully common word, end the search query with (band). It even works with something as awkward as The The (band). Try it.

Bands who insist on using punctuation marks instead of words
Think Prince’s old unpronounceable made-up typographical symbol was tough? It gets worse.

There’s an excellent American indie band which insists on identifying itself with three exclamation marks, as in !!!. Unless you know that the preferred pronunciation of it is Chk Chk Chk (a search that Google will accept), you’ll give any search engine a nervous breakdown. Same thing with ^. That Rhode Island band would like it if you called them Arc.

Names that resemble glyphs, runes, random symbols and assorted wingdings
Mater Suspiria is a strange European entity which features a member named I?=?=?R. That must be a blast around driver’s license renewal time. Don’t break Google by entering that name, back-door things by going straight for Mater Suspiria.

Names that look like logos scribbled in the back of a high school notebook
A gold star to anyone who can pronounce GL?SS †33†H. Look carefully. Did you see Glass Teeth? Score! What about twYIYZoNe? Twilight Zone, obviously — but unless you spell it just so, you’ll be sent off into Rod Serling land. Then there’s PWIN / / TEAKS, a band in the “witch house” genre (don’t ask) disambiguating Twin Peaks.

Names that are just hopeless
The harder I tried searching for †‡†, the more neurotic Google became. The best I can gather is they chose that name so they could remain hidden to all but the most faithful. In the end, it was one big fail.
Same thing with ///???, which I swear is the real name of a band. I couldn’t find them, either. Another marketing/SEO fail.

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