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Bats mix aggression, fun

There was a point when Liam Cormier was feeling a little apprehensive about the Cancer Bats’ new release — but that was before it seeped out in cyberspace.

“I was definitely nervous when we finished recording the record and we had none of that feedback. I was like, ‘Whoa, I really hope people like it,’” said the singer of the Toronto-based group.

“The record got leaked about a month ago, and people were getting excited about it,” added Cormier, who is performing an all-ages show with the rest of the band at The Pavilion on Saturday.

He said the band was going for a lot heavier sound on the new album; it’s been described as louder, rawer and dirtier than their 2006 release, Birthing The Giant.

“This time around we definitely wanted to have that feel, that aggression, that edge to it, while still trying to have that same, fun approach to the songs that we had before.”

The album received a world-wide simultaneous release last week, and Cormier said that support from their label helped to prove they were on the right track.

“The fact that we are able to put it out everywhere at the same time is awesome,” he said. “It’s exciting that everyone is as comfortable as we are about the release.”

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