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Bed bugs biting

Repeated infestations of bloodthirsty insects have forced a couple out of their downtown home, through what they’re calling preventable negligence.

“We feel like complete trash,” Matt Hillman said. “We keep our place very clean, but this still happens. People treat us like lepers because they don’t want to get it.”

Hillman and partner Kyle Stevenson are battling bedbugs at their three-floor walk-up apartment building at 10608 – 113 St.

The tiny night feeders thrive on human blood. The pair have both awoken with unexpected bites on multiple occasions.

“The itching that it’s causing is driving us absolutely crazy,” Hillman said. “Half the bites I’m getting are swelling up, causing me to not be able to walk properly or not be able to use my hands.”

Under management demand and 48 hours notice, the pair say they purchased air-tight containers, packed all their belongings, and laundered all they could.

This week’s fumigation will mark the third time they will go through the six-day process since the problem began in May.

Hillman says no efforts were made by building management to ensure residents are cleaning their suites, and is convinced it’s the reason the bugs won’t die.

Combining supplies, laundry services and a new vacuum, Hillman estimates he’s spent over $1,000 combating the problem, and says he has been refused compensation.

Mayfield Management did not return multiple messages left by Metro Edmonton.

Alberta Health Services officials recently reported bedbug infestations are on the rise.

According to provincial health legislation, provided the building’s management is attempting to rectify the problem, tenants are not entitled to compensation.

The pair say they’ve been driven out of their home, and hope to move into a condo in January.

“We started looking as soon as this began,” Hillman said.

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