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Beer blessing heaven sent

On the seventh day, while God was relaxing, the rest of us were enjoying a beer.

Or at least we can now, as the Yellowhead Brewery has had its beer blessed and is ready for sales.

The Yellowhead Brewery, on 105 Street and 102 Avenue, officially opened its doors yesterday and invited Rev. Neil Gordon, the new Dean of the All Saints Cathedral, to bless the beer and equipment at Edmonton’s newest microbrewery.

“In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen,” Rev. Gordon began his blessing. “Let your blessing rest on this brewery, its workers, their labours, a place set apart for the enjoyment of the fruits of your creation.”

And with that, the reverend was off to the sampling room.

“In the old world, it would be common place to have a brewery blessed as it opens,” said Yellowhead founder Leon Hunter. “Partly because monks were often involved in making the beer, but also to bring the community together to inspire prosperity and happiness for the brewery and the town or city surrounding it.”

It didn’t take much arm-twisting to convince Gordon to take part in the brewery’s blessings. All he asked for in the return was a traditional offering.

“Traditionally, you’re supposed to get four pints as payment,” the reverend said. “I’m looking forward to my payment in the near future here.”

Yellowhead Brewery is focusing on producing one heavenly lager to begin with, but Hunter and brewmaster Scott Harris have plans to experiment with seasonal beers and other varieties of suds.

The product is exclusively available at the brewery, but now that it’s been blessed, Yellowhead beer will be available in liquor stores throughout the city shortly.

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