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Best online horse betting site Top for Belmont Stakes 2019

Best online horse betting site top for Belmont Stakes 2019
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The 2019 Belmont Stakes, from Belmont Park in Elmont, is upon us and many will be betting on the third leg of the Triple Crown for the first time online.

Sports betting is now legal in many areas but you can always bet on the ponies at NYRABets.com.

To bet on the Belmont Stakes now and get special offers and promotions through NYRABets and MetroBet go to NYRABets.com/MetroBet. Use promo code: METROBET25. Promotions include a $25 bet on one horse to win the Belmont. If your horse finishes second or third you get your money back. And there is also a bet/get $200 bonus! If you bet $200 in your first 14 days you get $200 more to play with!

To take advantage of the tremendous offer, go to NYRABets.com/MetroBet.

NYRA Bets offers an app to bet on the Belmont Stakes on your iPhone or Android device. It is the online betting service that brings the best of horse racing across the world right to the palm of your hand. You can bet any track, anywhere, any time with the NYRA Bets app.

Bet on the 2019 Belmont Stakes here now to take advantage of NYRA and MetroBet’s exclusive offer.

Here is a look at odds for the 2019 Belmont. 

Tacitus 9-5

War of Will 2-1

Master Fence 8-1

Intrepid Heart 10-1

Bourbon War

Everfast 12-1

Sir Winston 12-1

Spinoff 15-1

Tax 15-1

Joevia 30-1

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