‘Best Ukrainian dance company in the world’ – Metro US

‘Best Ukrainian dance company in the world’

The Ukrainian Centre was alive with the sound of music and Ukrainian instruction for a group of lucky local dancers yesterday afternoon.

Virsky, one of the world’s most prestigious cultural dance groups, is touring across Canada, performing 25 shows in 22 cities in 29 days.

“It’s quite grueling, actually,” said Ken Kachmer, president and promoter of Boen Performing Arts.

“We’re not only hitting the major cities but also some of the smaller cities. For (the dancers) it’s a prestigious thing to dance wherever they go.”

All 51 dancers are from Ukraine and make up a professional dance company. The company has been recognized by the state and is employed by the government of Ukraine.

“These people are the best Ukrainian dance company in the world,” Kachmer said. “This is the roots, this is where it comes from.”

“I’m Ukrainian, that’s what my heritage is,” added Stephan Bociurkiw, a student of the class.

“I’ve been Ukrainian dancing all my life and these guys are the best in the world. It’s incredible to see them dance.”