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Beyoncé announces that she’s having TWINS!


Beyoncé just casually mentioned she’s having twins on Instagram. Like, super casually.

Um, also? The art direction of this pretty amazing announcement is classy AF.

Obviously this is major news. So major that news heavy outlets like CNN are reporting on it. So major that Kanye West is probably curling his fists in anger at being upstaged by the Carter-Knowles yet again, and is trying to impregnante Kim Kardashian at this very moment. Just a guess.

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Anyway, fans of the singer are pumped, to say the least.


The powerhouse pop star has never exactly been open with any fertility struggles,but she did talk about having a miscarriagein her HBO documentary “Life Is But A Dream,” saying it was the saddest thing she’d ever been through.

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Beyoncé and husband Jay Z already have one daughter, the amazing and illustrious Blue Ivy, age five.

Congratulations you guys! I’m freaking out.

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