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Big bust nets cash, cars,drugs

A series of investigations this year led to the arrest of five individuals for allegedly manufacturing and distributing anabolic steroids from a north-end home.

A search by officers during the investigation revealed a homegrown lab where the drugs were being mixed and packaged.

Charles Fougere and Susan Fougere, as well as their two sons Troy and Trevor Fougere, and Brock Chichak were all charged with various counts of production, possession and trafficking following a series of seizures by police in late August.

“Under Canadian law it’s not illegal to possess or use steroids for personal purposes,” said Inspector Greg Preston, EPS Organized Crime Branch.

“However, it is illegal under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act to traffic in, or possess these types of drugs for the purpose of trafficking.”

The overall investigation seized $240,000 cash which police say is from crime-related revenue; roughly $230,000 worth of charge-related property; and approximately $250,000 worth of illicit drugs, consisting mostly of anabolic steroids.

“There’s no quality control here. We’re dealing with something that’s being produced illegally, imported illegally, and sold illegally,” said Preston.

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