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Bill Burr admits he’s actually a ‘Star Wars’ fan

When it was announced Bill Burr would play a laser gun toting space outlaw in “The Mandalorian,” the new “Star Wars” show streaming on Disney+, fans of the franchise were both excited and a bit skeptical.

Having the A-list comic join this galaxy far, far away seemed like an odd choice considering he’s poked fun at “Star Wars” a lot over the years. Burr famously told Conan O’Brien in 2015 that he thought the series was “like a cheesy self-help book put in outer space with, like, muppets,” noting how he never understood the hype since he didn’t get a chance to see the movies as a kid, only watching them with “perspective” later in life as an adult.

Well, despite all his critiques, it turns out that Burr is actually a fan of “Star Wars,” which he confessed to Metro while backstage at Comics Come Home last weekend.

“Oh no, I’m a fan of the series,” Burr said, with the caveat that he’s “more of a sports guy” who likes sci-fi movies like “Blade Runner” and “Moon.”

The veteran comedian has said in previous interviews that it was Jon Favreau’s spaghetti western-style vision for “The Mandalorian” that convinced him to come aboard. Clearly, it was this unique take that caught Burr’s eye.

“The way they’re doing this one, it’s awesome,” Burr said. “I always made fun of ‘Star Wars’ just because I like getting guys like you going. That’s all.”

As for his latest appearance in this galaxy at Comics Come Home, Burr brought the laughs to the TD Garden last weekend for the annual benefit’s 25th-anniversary show. Burr once again joined Denis Leary and Cam Neely at the event, capping off a lineup of guests and performers, which included Michael J. Fox, John Mulaney, Pete Holmes and a number of other comedy stars. The evening, which was in support of The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care, also saw Leary receive his own day in Boston, with Mayor Marty Walsh in attendance to bestow the honor.

Looking back on his past Comics Come Home performances, Burr is grateful for having the opportunities to meet his favorite Bruins players at the shows, including the legendary Neely.

“Cam Neely is the only guy from an entire generation of NHL players that can actually say he owned Patrick Roy, and he did,” Burr said. “I felt like he turned it around.”

“That’s probably been the coolest thing, all the former Bruins I get to meet,” he added, noting encounters with some of his favorite players like Chris Nilan and Rick Middleton. “I’ve gotten to meet a lot of the Bruins I used to watch at the old Garden.”