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Bill Nye teaches science with emojis, and it’s delightful (UPDATE)


Smiley face molecules? Rocket ships showing how fast the earth is heating up? Learning about science has never been more fun.

Energy management corporation General Electric has teamed up with Bill Nye, everyone’s favorite Science Guy , for a series of educational YouTube videos, and he’s using the most popular form of tech speak to teach students about science: emojis.

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“#EmojiScience” breaks down complex scientific subjects – like evolution, super materials, holograms and climate change – using, you guessed it, emojis. The five-part series was inspired by a last year’s Emoji Science Lab pop-up lab at NYU, where thousands of students sent their favorite emojis to GE via Snapchat and received personalized science experiment videos in return.

“Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter — we’re trying to reach young fans where they are already, and video is an important component of that,” says Sydney Lestrud, GE’s global brand marketing manager who masterminded the project. “Bill [Nye] is a great educator, simplifying science and making it fun, and he was open to a new way of doing that.”

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“We wanted to use emoji to tell stories in different ways,” says Lestrud. “Not just to explain what GE is doing but to inspire a younger generation to want to learn more about [science].”

In addition to the webisodes —which you can watch here, here, here and here — there’salso an Emoji Table of Elements,which teaches students about key innovative moments throughout science history. In fact, GE is currently working with the National Science Foundation to create emoji science lesson plans for the classroom. And why stop there?

Says Lestrud: “Educators, tech influencers, museums … they’re all looking for different types of curriculum we can ‘emoji-fy.’”

UPDATE: GE has released its first-ever #EmojiScience lesson plans for grades 5-12. Click through on lesson plans onThe Chemistry of Plastics, What is Your Flower Color? , Separating Salt Water , Safety Gear and Slapshot Physics .

Watch the climate change webisode below.

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