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Bills – Jets game in doubt due to Buffalo snow storm

Ralph Wilson Stadium has taken in plenty of snow over the years, but this 2014 storm
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It might be sub-freezing in New York City this week, but it could be worse for the Jets as they practice for Week 12’s game against the Bills. They could already be in Buffalo.

Meteorologists at the Weather Channel tell Metro that Buffalo has already received 65 inches of lake-effect snow. A second round of significant lake-effect snow will begin Wednesday evening into Thursday, resulting in another five-to-eight inches of snow for the region. If that wasn’t enough, warming temperatures this weekend and a chance of rain may lead to snowmelt flooding concerns, according to the Weather Channel.

“It is hard to imagine what they’re going through,” Jets head coach Rex Ryan said about the Bills.

The weather and heavy snowfall is throwing a loop in Buffalo’s practice schedule leading up to Sunday’s games against the Jets.

“I have not heard anything. We’re planning on playing the game on Sunday,” Ryan said on Wednesday. “We’re planning on playing one way or another, whatever the league says.”

Current estimates have 22,000 tons of snow currently inside Ralph Wilson Stadium, an amount that would fill the Bills practice facility eight-times over.

On Wednesday morning, Scott Berchtold, Senior Vice President of Communications for the Bills, told Scott Champion of the Weather Channel that the Bills are trying to clear the stadium in-time for Sunday’s game against the Jets.

“That would be a league call on that,” Berchtold said. “But I can tell you that our focus is on playing the game on Sunday, being prepared as we always are and getting as much snow out as we possibly can.”

The Bills were unable to practice on Wednesday due to the snowfall, something that might also impact them on Thursday in trying to get to the practice facility. Currently, the Bills coaching staff is sleeping over at the facility as they ready for the game.

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