Black Tap’s crazy milkshakes go mobile in new food trucks – Metro US

Black Tap’s crazy milkshakes go mobile in new food trucks

Black Tap is taking its milkshakes on the road with Shake by Black Tap. Photo: Facebook

Mister Softee is not going to be happy about this — Black Tap is sending out its OTT milkshakes onto the streets with two new trucks for summer.

The first Shake by Black Tap truck hits the streets on June 2 at the South Street Seaport to “bring the Crazy all over New York from Central Park to South Street Seaport,” as Black Tap chef/owner Joe Isidori put it in a statement. But will they have their own jingle?

You can track the trucks via social media as they pop up “at iconic New York destinations and special events all summer long,” according to Black Tap.

Provided you can balance their towering milkshakes — often topped with entire slices of cake and ice cream sandwiches — you can find all of Black Tap’s regular milkshakes at the trucks.

A few of their special Crazy Shakes like the Cookies ‘n Cream Supreme and Bam Bam Shake (it’s sprinkled with Fruity Pebbles) will also be available, as well as a new truck-only Strawberry Shortcake Shake made with strawberry ice cream rimmed with vanilla frosting and crushed graham crackers, topped with a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, lollipop, whipped cream, strawberry drizzle and a cherry.

Later in the summer, watch for collaborations with the Broadway musical “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and white-hot raw cookie dough shop Cookie DŌ, crossing off two food trends for the price (and line-standing dues) of one.

The ice cream game in this city has some serious competition streets of NYC already have quite the turf war going on between competing ice cream trucks, so safe travels out there, Black Tap.