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‘Blade Runner 2049’ trailer is pretty Harrison Ford-heavy

Blade Runner 2049
Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

There’s some more Ryan Gosling in the new trailer for “Blade Runner 2049,” ditto Jared Leto’s blind villain, ditto shots with that piss-yellow filter. But the big news is we see even more Harrison Ford. Yes, Deckard is back and no, we can’t tell if he’s a Replicant who didn’t die or what. He has some line about how “we were being hunted,” though he could mean Blade Runners, we guess. I don’t know, covering news for movies that aren’t coming out for another three months and whose studio is keeping a tight lid on the details is hard.

No matter how the belated sequel, made by “Arrival”’s Denis Villeneuve (whose surname you can learn how to pronounce here), turns out, we’re just glad Ford is back. He’s never gone away, but he seemed to lose interest in acting around the turn of the century. When he was present (as in the Rachel McAdams rom-com “Morning Glory”), he seemed pissed about it, which was at least funny. But with “The Force Awakens,” the old Han Solo stormed back, with Ford definitely awake and ready to hustle. Then again, his turn as Deckard is one of his mumbliest and least present, which is fitting since there’s a strong chance he’s not human. So he may wind up looking like he’s not giving a shit when he does.

But Ford’s not the only part of the “Blade Runner 2049” trailer we’re glad to see more of. We’re also glad about Dave Bautista, which we don’t think we saw in the first trailer, and who plays some poor schlub that, of course, gets into a wrestling match with The Gosling. It’s just some quick bit of business slipped in before the Warner Bros. logo, but it’s enough to promise much more where that came from. As long as the wrestler-turned-movie scene-stealer gets to crack some decent jokes, too, we’ll be good.

“Blade Runner 2049” comes out October 6. Watch the new trailer below:

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