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Bob Blumer’s self-taught surreal cuisine

Bob Blumer is a name that many Canadians know as a fun loving foodie who is most at home with his surreal cooking. But he is also a respected chef who brings out the flavours of food and creativity in his cooking.

Before diving into culinary arts, Blumer was a musician who was concerned with feeding himself and friends. He was always the one who made the best meals. That meant he didn’t have to weave his way through busy traffic to visit friends. Instead, guests would bring some food items with a bottle of wine and the evening would commence.

It was truly a relaxed and fun atmosphere that Blumer continues to share with his loyal readers, viewers and friends.

“I think you elevate your quality of life through food,” he says.

These days, it’s chefs with whom Blumer has worked and shared a variety of stages who respect his cooking skills and intense creativity.

A self-taught chef, he has a unique way of combining bold flavours to produce tasty food that also has a whimsical presentation. A perfect example of this is one of Blumer’s favourite recipes from his latest cookbook, Glutton for Punishment Signature Recipes, Epic Stories and Surreal Etiquette, the Lamb Cupcake.

It has a rich lamb flavour with a savoury mashed potato topping that looks like it should be displayed in a bakery window. It is this type of recipe that showcases Blumer’s amazing abilities and how he is able to use them to his advantage.

Aside from his latest book, Blumer has recently taken a break from his travels to recently spend some time at home. But the break doesn’t mean he’s not keeping busy. He enjoys cycling tremendously and his 25-kilometre trek through the Hollywood Hills keeps him fit and busy.

Blumer also has a new addition to his humble abode — a chicken coup. With four chickens, Blumer is making sure they have a happy setting outside to produce eggs to enjoy and keep Bob coming up with new ideas.

“I never want to leave my job, I’m not gonna retire anytime soon,” laughs Blumer.

Minute with Bob

What is your drink of choice when cooking??
I’m a wine drinker and I give equal opportunity to white and red wines.

If you could go spatula-to-spatula with any chef, who would it be?
Bobby Flay, and it would have to be a cooking triathlon.

If you could cook a meal for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you make?
Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte, and it would have to be a surreal meal from the many surreal dishes in my book.

What was the first cookbook you ever purchased??
I actually wrote my first cookbook before I?purchased one.

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