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Bobby Flay just filed the most ridiculous lawsuit

Bobby Flay
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If you’re a New Yorker, chances are you love New York City native Bobby Flay. From Mesa Grill (NYC location, how we miss you so) to brunchin’ with Bobby (and his everything-bagel strata with caper relish and smoked salmon, please and thank you), we love the straight-talkin’, hilarious and ever-affable celebrity chef. Heck, we’ll never turn down a chance to dine at one of his restaurants or be able to resist a bite of his signature sticky buns.

Now though, it looks like his (other) buns aren’t getting enough loving as he filed a lawsuit against custom furniture maker Jamie Stern Designs. The suit is over a $19,000 leather sectional sofa he ordered from the furniture designer, which he alleged was “intolerably uncomfortable to sit on for any extended period of time.” Apparently, Jamie Stern Designs also declined to reimburse the chef or fix the “intolerably uncomfortable” sectional. This, “despite numerous complaints by plaintiff [Flay], defendant failed to either repair the sofa or reimburse plaintiff for the cost of the unusable sofa.”  

Currently, Flay is seeking $19,046.35 plus prejudgment and post-judgement interest along with “such other and further relief as to this court appears just and proper together with the costs and disbursements of this proceeding.” The full, five-page complaint can be found on courthousenews.com.

If his fierce competitive nature and sharp skills in “Throwdown! with Bobby Flay” are any indication, Flay’s not a fan of losing. Here’s to hoping Mr. Flay will find a lovely, well-designed couch that’s not “intolerably uncomfortable” to chill on with his beloved cat Nacho as soon as possible. And if the lawsuit doesn’t work out for him, well, we’re keeping our fingers and toes crossed that somebody whips him up a giant batch of those tantalizing sticky buns to help cheer him up and snap him out of his couch blues funk and any rear-end discomfort this entire ordeal may have caused.


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