Bomani Jones, of ESPN, doubles down on ‘Boston is racist’ Twitter comments – Metro US

Bomani Jones, of ESPN, doubles down on ‘Boston is racist’ Twitter comments

Bomani Jones, of ESPN, doubles down on ‘Boston is racist’ Twitter comments
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Bomani Jones is on that ESPN show with Dan Le Batard and his dad – Highly Questionable, a show which has highly questionable TV ratings even given it’s dreaded 4:30 p.m. weekday slot.

Jones has been making his social media bones recently by labeling Boston a racist city on Twitter, something he has zero personal proof of and something he bases upon stories from nearly 50 years ago.

So, lets’ play Bomani’s game and paint with an absurdly broad brush and just say Boston is indeed a “racist city.”

Just wondering – at what point does an entire city stop being racist? Is there a certain time period with zero racially-charged incidents that has to lapse?

Also, should New York be labeled a racist city because of what happened to Eric Garner three years ago? Should LA be labeled a racist city because of what took place in 1992? Should Philly be labeled a racist city because they cheered Michael Irvin’s career-ending injury?

Trolling department

Who says sports fans in the Midwest are soft?

When No. 1 seed Kansas was essentially blown out by No. 3 Oregon, 74-60, in the Elite Eight this past weekend, the Lawrence Police Department (U of Kansas is located in Lawrence) trolled their home team hard.

The official Twitter account of the LPD wrote: “Well, at least we have a lot of experience dealing with fans after an #Elite8 loss. Get home safely Jayhawk fans. #DriveSober.”

The LPD wasn’t wrong. Head coach Bill Self has been at the head of the Jayhawks bench since 2003 and his teams have lost in the Elite 8 round a remarkable five times. Going back further in his coaching career, Self has lost in that particular round seven times.

The cool heel

Roger Goodell officially made Tom Brady into the greatest anti-hero this world has seen since Tyler Durden when it was learned that the No. 12 Brady jersey was the No. 1 selling jersey in all 50 states in the month of February. It’s the first time ever one player has led jersey sales in all 50 states in a one month span, according to “Only in Boston.”

All rebelling teenagers are surely down with the alleged cheater who does nothing but win, and it’s gotta be a slap in the face for the non-New England dads of these kids to see their son or daughter waltzing around in a Brady jersey.

Noah gets suspended

Stunningly, the Knicks hadn’t had a player suspended for drugs in the 2016-17 season until just a few days ago. Joakim Noah was docked 20 games for “violating the NBA’s anti-drug policy.”

As with all “violating anti-drug policy” deals in sports (the leagues keep it as vague as humanly possible) – we are forced to speculate.

No way Noah was taking HGH or straight-up steroids, as he would certainly want a refund in that scenario. And despite the temptation of thinking Noah and admitted pot head Phil Jackson were doing bong hits in a suite at MSG, laughing at the Charles Oakley stuff as it unfolded – 20 games is a whole heck of a lot for puffing a little cheeba.