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Book Pick: The Bishop’s Man

The Bishop’s Man
Author: Linden MacIntyre
Publisher: Random House Canada
Price: $32 (Hardcover)

Broadcaster Linden MacIntyre enters the secretive world of domestic religious scandal in The Bishop’s Man. In Cape Breton, N.S., Father Duncan MacAskill has acquired nicknames like “Purificator” from Catholic priests for helping the bishop conceal church controversy and get rid of faltering fathers. When the ‘90s media spotlight focuses on sexual charges against the church, MacIntyre is sent to a remote parish near where he was raised to escape vilification. But, with isolation comes introspection, as MacIntyre evaluates his deeds and is forced to face his imperfections when he falls for a soul-searching woman and encounters a potential victim of the indiscretions he’s covered up his whole life.

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