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Book Pick: The Whiskey Rebels

The Whiskey Rebels
Author: David Liss
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Price: $17.50 (Hardcover)

In an 18th century, post-Revolutionary War America, once-touted spy Ethan Saunders has become a down-and-out drunk living in Philadelphia after being accused of treason. But he comes to the call of his old flame Cynthia, who left him earlier for brutal businessman Jacob Pearson, when her new beau vanishes. In an attempt to find Pearson, Saunders stumbles upon a band of rural moonshiners — including one of their wives, Joan Maycott — who aims to topple Alexander Hamilton’s Bank of the United States due to his proposed whiskey tax. Using intricate historical detail and real political characters, Liss explores the plights of both Saunders and Maycott.

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