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Boston bartender shares boozy recipe for new Polar seltzer flavors


In case you missed it, people are pretty pumped about the new Polar seltzer flavors.

The Massachusetts-based beverage company unveiled its latest offering of bubbly delights this week and the new flavors sound like the names of chapters from “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.” The mythical additions include Dragon Whispers, Yeti Mischief and Mermaid Songs, as well as the return of the popular Unicorn Kisses.

In honor of the new Polar seltzer flavors, which are set to hit stores this weekend, one Boston mixologist is putting a boozy twist on fan-favorite drink. OAK Long Bar + Kitchen’s new bartender Mackenzie Cavanagh, formerly of The Hawthorne, was inspired to create a cocktail with the brand’s oceanic-themed offering.

Simply called the Mermaid Songs Cocktail, Cavanagh’s creation is gin based with cucumbers and hints of citrus. Here’s how the recipe breaks down:


-1 ½ oz. of Hendrick’s Gin

-1 oz. if fresh lemon juice

-½ oz. of simple syrup

-Cucumber (3-4 slices)

-Pinch of salt


-Shake or stir the above ingredients

-Add ½ oz. of Polar Mermaid Songs seltzer

-Garnish with cucumber

Voila! That’s how you make a Mermaid Songs Cocktail, and you don’t even have to hit the high seas to find the ingredients.

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