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Boston commuter rail faces Reddit Q+A

Commuter Rail's Keolis took to Reddit on Wednesday to answer questions.

Commuter Rail operator Keolis put itself in the hot seat on Wednesday, taking a barrage of questions from Reddit users in an “Ask Me Anything” Q+A.

The online forum letusers identified only by their username ask the transit company anything they pleased.

In responses, there wasn’t much new on the big issues of the day. Only some of the hundreds of questions got answers.

For example, this one, from a user called “cutyourface,” wasn’t one of them:

“What guaranteed promises can you make about improvements to the overall rider experience over the next 6 months and what are the names of the executive leadership members at Keolis who can be held responsible if those promises are not kept?”

But there were some interesting tidbits that came out ofthe Internet outreach.

You can read through the whole thing here.

Maybe commuter rail riders should scoot over

The company again responded to the issue of overcrowding on rush hour trains amid reports that many passengers end up having to stand in the aisles for the long ride home in trains packed past capacity. The issue that was the subject of a recent Boston Herald investigation.

“We recognize the importance of seat availability and comfort for our passengers,” said Gerald Francis, Keolis general manager. “That being said, if you didn’t have a seat today we know that’s of little comfort.”

He also said he believed part of the problem is “many passengers don’t use the middle seat.”

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Ever wonder why commuter rail trains don’t pull all the way into South Station?

“Trains are required to stop short of the station due to the bus terminal.

There’s no vent for the diesel exhaust from the locomotive,” wrote Scott Treece, chief transportation officer. Tracks 8, 9, and 10 are exceptions, Treece SAID.

Keolis might get into the tour guide business

One user, named “mbta_throw” asked whether Keolis might “offer tours of old tunnels and behind-the-scenes stuff every once in a while.”

Said Francis, the GM: “Thanks for the idea. We’ll look into it.”

The “craziest thing” that ended up stopping a train?

“A mother dog and her puppies between the rails,” wrote Treece.

Said Franck Dubourdieu, deputy general manager: “Lady having a baby on the train. In France if that happens you get a lifetime train pass!”

Said Keenon Foster, director of quality and performance improvement: “110.7 inches of snow.”

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