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Boston Dynamics’ Cheetah robot sets land speed record (video)

We’re thrilled at the successes of local business Boston Dynamics.

But we’re not going to lie. Watching a recent video from the Waltham company made us wonder if these guys have ever seen “The Terminator.”

A video posted on YouTube Sunday by the company shows its Cheetah robot setting a land speed record. The Cheetah gallops at a speed of 18 mph in the video.

According to the company, the Cheetah, a four-legged robot, is being developed with funding from the military’s Maximum Mobility and Manipulation program.

It plans to test a free-running version of the robot that will run “unplugged” in the field later this year.

As the technology is developed, we know the potential exists for it to do a lot of good and that it may even save some of the lives of our brave military members.

But the robots in “The Terminator” could only move about at a leisurely pace and still managed to take over the world. We just hope director James Cameron’s version of the future isn’t right.

The video can be seen below:

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