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Boston Snow Stats tracks city snow information

A glance at whatSnowstats.boston.gov looks like.

Boston residents can now access snow operation information 24 hours a day on a new City website.

Snowstats.boston.gov, lets Bostonians monitor snow operations including an overview of the season showing the total miles and hours plowed, salt used, and total snowfall. The platform also shows the phases of snow removal operations and what tasks are currently being completed.

“Residents will now be directly connected to the snow and ice removal process in their neighborhoods,” Walsh said in a statement.

The platform also lets residents enter their home address to see details about the percentage of streets plowed and the miles plowed in their neighborhood. Boston Snow Stats also shows the number of snow plows on duty, and the amount of time they have been on duty.

Walsh said Snow Stats is a part of a larger citywide strategy to engage the community in the city’s daily operations, and use real-time data to drive decision-making.

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