Rain hit Philly hard on Monday.NICOLAUS CZARNECKI, METRO

Wow, that was quite the summer tease by Mother Nature last week as temperatures passed spring levels and jumped right into summertime readings, quite a few places hit 80 degrees in the Mid-Atlantic and right here in the Northeast, with the exception off all coastal sections as the big, bad chilly Atlantic kept the thermometer 20-25 degrees cooler there.

Well it's Monday and it's back to reality as chilly rains will continue to spread up and through the Northeast as readings remain mainly in the chilly 40's. A stiff easterly wind will turn umbrellas inside out and minor coastal flooding will take place from the Jersey shore to the Capes of New England.

Things will turn around in a big way by Wednesday with a return to sunshine along with much milder temperatures.

Spring arrives at 12:30 a.m. on March 20.


Ah, not so fast. As you look at your phone and check your weather for the next 10-days you will see there is no mention of snow, and it could turn out to be correct, but it could also turn out to be in error. Most computerized digital weather data that is generated on your electronic device is just a pure regurgitation of exactly what the computer models are spewing out, but without any human interpretation.

Now I do pride myself on long-range trends, and if you read my column last week, I expressed some concern starting around March 22, and that still holds true, but moving up the date to March 20-21st, just as spring arrives.

Tendencies exists for a significant to major coastal storm to take shape somewhere along the Mid-Atlantic coast with the funneling of cold air aloft, that could get pulled down creating an environment cold enough for heavy wet snow for parts of the Northeast. Odds would favor a cold rain for Philly, NYC, and Boston, but it's not out of the question for some mixing of snow or a changeover to snow along the I-95 corridor.

Now with all this being said, it's far from a certainty as "the possible event" is still about a week away. Looking at the major atmospheric signals that help in forecasting east coast storms (Arctic oscillation and North Atlantic oscillation) are hugely split, meaning a low confidence forecast at this time, however it still needs to be watched and whether this turns out to be fact or fiction only time will tell.

Boston at a glance this week

A cold rain arrives today, could be a few ice pellets mixed in this morning, chilly 42 degrees Tonight: Rain and fog. Low 38 degrees Tuesday: Still need the umbrella, damp and chilly 45 degrees Wednesday: Mr. Sunshine returns 59 degrees Thursday, St Patrick’ Day: Most of the day should be dry, with the chance of a shower or two doing the Irish jig 56 degrees Friday: Chance of Showers 48 degrees Time frame to watch: March 20-21...possible coastal storm. Rain/wet snow 40

New York City at a glance this week

If you’re reading this in transit hopefully you already grabbed your umbrella, as a cold rain is moving in and will be with us right through tonight. Temperatures will actually drop today back into the upper 30s, and the wind will turn your umbrella inside out; good luck grabbing a cab. Tuesday: A tough day to get out of bed, as rain and drizzle continue, High of 53 Wednesday: You'll wake up in a fog, then some breaks of afternoon sun. High of 60 Thursday, Parade Day: Mostly dry, though a few showers might dance the Irish jig during the afternoon hours. High of 57 Friday: Chance of showers with a high of 54 Spring arrives at 12:30 a.m. on March 20. However watching the potential for east coast storm with rain/wet snow for Sunday/Monday time frame.

Philly at a glance thisweek

Rainy days and Monday always get me down; welcome back to March as reality bites. A cold rain today, stiff wind, and chilly: High of 45. Rain will continue through the night. Tuesday you might wake up in a fog, otherwise light rain and drizzle ending by afternoon. High of 55 Wednesday: Getting over the hump on a good note as sunshine returns. High of 68 Thursday: We need to get a little luck of the Irish as we have showers in the forecast and a high of 62 Friday: More showers and temps in the 50s. (Wet snow showers in the Poconos) Spring arrives at 12:30 a.m. on March 20. Watching for potential of east coast storm for Sunday/Monday with the chance of rain/wet snow.

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