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Anti-Trump protest planned in Boston Common

Socialist Students and Socialist Alternative protest scheduled for 7 p.m.

Donald Trump's next stop is the White House, but Boston'sleft-wing political groups and student activists are not taking the New York billionaire's win sitting down.

The Boston chapters of Socialist Students and Socialist Alternative will take over the Parkman Bandstand at Boston Common tonight at 7 p.m. to rally against "racism, sexism and Islamaphobia."

The protest was originally sheduled to take place at the State House, but organizers moved it to the park after more than 5,000 people responded on Facebook.

"We are scared about what Trump will be able to do, tangibly speaking. The pot increase in immigrant deportations, more wars, etc. I think one of the things most scary about Donald Trump is the potential his presidency could have to empower right-wing social movements on the ground." organizerElan Axelbank told Boston Metro Wednesday morning.


The protest, which is scheduled until 8:30 p.m.,demands no border wall with Mexico, no deportation of undocumented immigrants, equal rights for people of LGBTQ and color communities, an end to sexism, increased taxes on the rich, free college and health care for all.

"We want to fight against the racist product that has grown from the [current political] system and we see trump as a really dangerous entity," Axelbank said.

Even though he didn't necessarily expect a Trump victory, Axelbank said it speaks to people's discontent across the country.

"Donald Trump's winwas surprising and a little bit off-putting. I wasn’t expecting it, but I think it's a testament to how upset people are," he said.

Axelbank said his organization's goal is to channel the energy and passion that inspired people around the country.

"The thing we can’t have happen is to have the energy dissipate. We need to continue to grow the movement," he said.

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