Boston University has decided to renounce the honorary degree it conferred upon Bill Cosby in 2014 after more than 50 women accused the comedian of sexual assault.

The university's board of trustees made the decision “based on a determination, supported by Mr. Cosby’s sworn deposition testimony, that his treatment of women has brought significant and lasting discredit upon himself and is inconsistent with the University’s mission and values" the University wrote in a statement Monday.

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“Mr. Cosby’s admitted conduct, which the University learned about only after awarding him the degree, demonstrates that his character fails to reflect the integrity and virtues that the University values and esteems in members of its community, and in those persons the University holds up for this particular honor.”


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The alleged assaults came after Cosby supplied them with drugs or alcohol, allegations Cosby has denied.

Cosby has reportedly been awarded roughly 60 honorary degrees in his lifetime, many of which have since been renounced since the allegations against him came to light.

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