Curt Schilling tore into Baseball Hall of Fame voters during an interview with TMZGetty Images

Curt Schilling isn’t helping himself when it comes to his chances of being voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The former Red Sox great spoke with TMZ Sports about many baseball writers not wanting to vote him in because of non-baseball-related issues.

“They’re not hiding the fact that they’ve stopped voting for me because of the things I’ve said on social media,” Schilling said. “They’re not going to vote for me because of the character clause. These (baseball writers) are some of the worst human beings I’ve ever known … They pick and choose when they use the character clause.”

Schilling hasn’t been shy about voicing his opinions on hot political issues and has accused many in the media for having a liberal bias.

“I promise you, if I had said, ‘lynch Trump,’ I’d be getting in with about 90 percent of the vote this year,” he said.

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