Just look at those cold, dead eyes.

Frost Ice Lounge

Frost Ice Loft, the big refrigerated pub in Faneuil Hall, has put the NFL’s antihero Commissioner Roger Goodell “ON ICE,” the icy watering hole said.

“In honor of Brady’s vindication and all the madness surrounding tomorrow night’s game, Frost is sculpting a nearly life-sized ice replica of Mr. Goodell feeling shame for his unjust accusations,” Frost said in an email.

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“Mr. Goodell tried to put Tom Brady ON ICE for the first 4 games of the 2015 NFL season and justice has prevailed allowing the 4X Super Bowl champ to suit up this Thursday, September 10th in the season opener vs. Pittsburgh.


“Frost Ice Loft in Faneuil Hall is 'not satisfied'with the treatment of its star quarterback from the leader of the NFL and is supporting Brady and the Pats on opening night by putting Roger Goodell ON ICE.

“Frost will be displaying a nearly life-sized ice sculpture of Mr. Goodell, feeling shame, sitting on a block of ice with the entire Frost Ice Loft staff decked out in Patriots gear celebrating the opener and letting everyone know not to mess with #12.”

Want to pay your respects? Tickets are $12 for grown-ups and $6 for kids.

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