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Boston’s new shipping container restaurants are attracting customers, while adding upgrades to the waterfront.

The newest restaurant in the waterfront project to feature businesses in shipping containers is Mei Mei by Design, which was originally scheduled to open in late September, reported, adding that the delay was due to license, inspection, and permit requirements, claimed restaurant co-owner Mei Li. Despite the delay, patrons were lining up at the mini restaurant on Monday, its first day of operations.

The waterfront kiosks are part of $100 million in upgrades to the Innovation and Design Building, reported.

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Shipping containers have taken on new life as their sturdy frames can double as a neighborhood bar, mailroom or even a backyard farm, the Boston Globe reported, adding that in Somerville, shipping containers form a beer garden at American Fresh Brewhouse.

“[A shipping container] feels authentic. It’s rugged,” said Robert MacLeod, founder and chief executive at Neoscape Inc., a company that designs visuals for real estate developers, in the Boston Globe report.

“I think people are into the fact that you can get a lot of utility from just a box that usually houses consumer goods,” MacLeod was quoted.

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Mei Mei joins Triangle Coffee and Jubali, according to the Innovation and Design Building website. More shipping container kiosks will open “within the next couple weeks,” according to the building’s website, while Roxy’s Grilled Cheese stated that it will open Thursday, reported.

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