It was a familiar, yet welcome sight in Boston on Tuesday as the duck boats fired up to carry the New England Patriots players and coaches for a victory lap around their city.

The historic win at Sunday's Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons brought elation to the Patriots faithful and led thousands of fans to line the parade route in Boston.

Fans, decked head to toe in New England gear, braved snow, sleet and 30-degree temperatures to get close to their team. Sidewalks were thick with people along the route, which stretched from the Hynes Convention Center to City Hall Plaza.

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For fans, it was a moment of vindication after a season marred by the Deflategate scandal and a four-game suspension of their quarterback, Tom Brady. Fans still haven't forgiven NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for issuing the suspension.

Amid the Patriots-colored confetti and celebratory cheers were plenty of jeers going out to Goodell.

Patriots players reveled in their success, tossing balls back and forth with the crowd.

Rob Gronkowski, the team's injured but beloved tight end, caught, chugged and spiked a few beers in traditional fashion.

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