With temperatures climbing into the 90s over the weekend, it's finally starting to feel like summer around here.

As things heat up, you won't need to go far in Boston to find a place to cool off. As a local environmental group points out in a new study, there are plenty of refreshing — andexceptionally clean — beaches right here in the city limits.

According to Save the Harbor/Save the Day, the beaches in South Boston are againamong the cleanesturban beaches around.

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Overall, beach water quality in Boston was actually down last year over 2014,the report found. They were safe to swim in just 92 percent of the time, down from 96 percent the previous year.

But the water is much improved over bygone years, when few would dare to venture into the Harbor's dirty stew.

We sent photographer Derek Kouyoumjian down to Southie's sandy shores to see what all of us were missing from our desks today. Let the beach envy commence.