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First bike made of recycled paper offers cheaper, more ecological ride

Environmentally friendly technology is becoming more popular among developers, because of global warming. That is the case of Mexican entrepreneur Alberto González who recently came up with a startup dubbed Greencode. He created the so-called Urban GC1, the world’s first bike made of recycled paper. According to the developer, this bicycle is cheaper than average urban bikes, is resilient and you don’t have to worry if it gets wet.

Alberto González, inventor of Urban:

Why did youdecided to develop this bicycle?

Because we need an efficient means of transportation, the greenhouse emissions are insane and I promised myself that I would design the greenest way of transportation. I know that electriccars can help this way, but, they are very expensive.

Why do you call your invention ‘the new era of bicycles’?

Because bicycle use has increased considerably in recent years. The Urban GC1 is made of recycled materials, and we need to optimize our resources and recycle every chance we get.

It’s hard to believe that a bike made of paper is possible to ride…

Well, that was one of the hardest parts of the development process of the Urban GC1. I had to design a special panel, strong enough to be used in this kind of application. However, the recycled plastic parts and the reusable metal parts, complement the design of this bike. Let’s say that they are the best team.

How does this bike help the environment?

Most of the materials used in this bike are recycled (craft paper, rubber, polystyrene and plastic), the metal used in this bike can be reusable. The manufacturing process is the cleanest we can make. Also, the bicycle package won’t become trash because it will include a special manual that will tell you how to convert the box into something use ful (a bag, a case for your laptop, something for you petand more). Basically, all the whole process is green.

What advantages does this bicycle offer? It is cheaper than the average urban bike. You won’t worry about flat tires, because the Urban GC1 doesn’t use air. It is a fun and ecological way to get fit. Its design is also different.

-Daniel Casillas