***UPDATE: Fourteen horses were rescued; all are alive and well, save for some cuts and scratches. The roof collapse has been confirmed to have been caused by the weight of the snow on it.

Norwell FD works to free trapped horses after snow-laden barn roof gives way

Norwell firefighters are desperately working to save several horses trapped in a barn collapse on Main Street.

Local NBC reports: “Sky7 was over the scene, and one horse was visible alive and standing up as firefighters worked to move snow and debris.”

More than 150 roofs have collapsed under the weight of this winters nerve-testing snowstorms.

Over the weekend, kids barely escaped a collapsed Canton rink roof.

Yarmouth pair charged after kid falls from speeding SUV with stolen TV inside

They got the flat-screen -- but almost lost the kid.


Lisa Degerolamo and Daniel McLaughlin, both of Yarmouth and both 29 were under arrest Monday after stealing the TV from Walmart, Falmouth cops say.

As they sped off in their SUV Sunday, a five-year-old in the getaway vehicle tumbled out of the side door that hadn’t been closed all the way because the TV was so massive.

The SUV then stopped and the kid was picked up and put back in. Cops said he was badly injured.


The pair won’t be able to enjoy the TV; they’ve been slapped with larceny -- and reckless endangerment of a child.

Dogs make a run for it from metro Boston yards, using snow mounds

You can’t keep a good pooch down, especially when he -- or she -- wants to break free.

Man’s -- and woman’s -- best friends are using the piles of snow outside Boston area homes to escape.

This from Animal Control in Weymouth:

“Please watch your dogs. We have been dealing with a large number of dogs that are running the streets. Most of them are getting out of yards that are usually secure because of snow banks. Please leash your dog or tether them when they are out.

“When your dog gets out the only place they have to go due to the snow is in the street. When this happens your dog is being put at risk of getting hit by a vehicle. Besides putting them at risk of getting hit by a vehicle or having an encounter with wildlife they could be picked up by us.

"If your dog is picked up on the street and doesn’t have a valid license tag and rabies tag we don’t know where they belong. This means your dog will be taken to a shelter.

“If this happens most dogs will become stressed out being with unfamiliar people, placed in an unfamiliar vehicle and being housed in an unfamiliar place. Save your dog and yourself the stress, keep your eyes on them.”

And oh yeah, in Weymouth at least, officials note dog owners face fines of more than $200 for Fido’s freedom run.

-- John A. Oswald

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