Police released this image showing bottles of PCP seized in a Lexington arrest.MA State Police

State Police seized several bottles of PCP and arrested two suspects after a bust Lexington Tuesday.

Suspects Nakia Roland, 40, and Benjamin Patrick, 31, were both from Wilmington, North Carolina, according to police.

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The bust came after pulled over a vehicle on Route 128 in Lexington at around 2:30 a.m. for motor vehicle violations, police said. Inside the car, officers found 61.5 liquid ounces of Phencyclidine, the hallucinogen commonly known as PCP, or by a number of nicknames that includes “angel dust.”


A photo released by State Police after the arrests shows five bottles of murky brown liquid.

According to police, Roland was driving the vehicle under the influence of “an intoxicating drug.”

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PCP comes in many forms, among them a white powder, but is sometimes dissolved in other substances like ether, according to online resource Drugs.com.

Roland faced charges for operating under the influence, driving without a license, possession of PCP and conspiracy to violate drug laws. Patrick faced charges of conspiracy to violate drug laws and possession to distribute.

Bail for both men was set at $10,000, police said.

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