This isn't quite the Boston we know.


Southie isn't spelled with a "y."


Target learned that lesson the hard way this week after coming out with a new Boston neighborhoods T-shirt.


The shirt featured a navy blue map of 15 neighborhoods, which seems a little off, considering lists 23 official Boston neighborhoods.


Besides misspelling Southie, the map also messed up Jamaica Plain, calling it "Jamaca Plain."

Whatever cartographers assembled this map of Boston hoods also took it upon themselves to do a little redistricting. According to the T-shirtBeacon Hill, Chinatown, Downtown, North End, and West End merged into one big neighborhood, now known as Central. It could actually be Charlestown Central though, as the T-shirt omits a dividing line.

Oh yeah, and sorry, butAllston, Bay Village, and Mission Hill didn't make the cut.

Target has pulled the shirts off shelves and taken down online sales,according to

“We will be pulling that T-shirt from our assortment,”Jessica Carlson, a spokeswoman for Target,told “We apologize for any disappointment this may have caused.”

Bostonians were quick to point out the mistakes on Twitter.