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Comedian Ron Funches is not at all jealous of the snow currently pummeling the East Coast. "I'm not missing it,” he giggles. “I'm avoiding it.”

But he won't be able to avoid it when he comes to town. The 32-year-old, best known for playing stoner sidekick Shelly on NBC’s “Undateable,” will do a series of stand-up gig at Laugh Boston from March 3-5.

Punches chats with us about being the "@midnight with Chris Hardwick" reigning champ, his upcoming role in Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake's "Trolls” and the level of realism the achieved by “Muppet Babies.”

How did you get to be the champ of “@midnight”?
You watch a lot of cartoons and play a lot of video games and you stay up on pop culture, but not too much. Then you write a bunch of weird jokes. It’s a lot of focus and heart and desire. I don’t think [my competitors] want it as bad as I do.


Who would you want to go up against?
Probably The Rock. I could beat The Rock, even though he’s like Beyonce for boys.

You think you’d win?
I would destroy him. He’d have no chance.

Your “Muppet Babies” bit is one of your most well-known, but are you actually a fan of the show?
It’s one of my favorite cartoons. I love it. That theme was just always weird to me because they were concerned with whether your scared about where you’re at, and that’s a freaky thing for a cartoon to be worried about when you’re 10-year-old.

Which of the “Babies” do you identify with?
Probably Ralph because he’s a smooth, piano-playing dog that just wants to have a good time and get some ladies. I like him.

Do you think the cartoon did an accurate portrayal of the Muppets as babies?
Yeah, Animal was pretty wild and Miss Piggy is still hyperactive. I’d say they nailed it.

Can you tell me anything about your “Trolls” character?
I play a giraffe named Cooper. Did you know they have giraffes?

I didn’t. How is he involved with the Trolls?
I come in and help out the main character a bit. I don’t want to ruin the plot, but he’s fun and awesome.

Were you into Trolls as a kid?
No, but my sister was. She had a lot of them and they’d fight my wrestling figures. They’re short and stocky, so they have a good center of gravity.

They’d probably win in a fight.
Yeah, you don’t want to hit the jeweled tummy. It’s hard as a rock.

Ron Funches
Laugh Boston, March 3-5
425 Summer St., Boston
$25-$35, laughboston.com

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