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‘Boy mode’ Eddie Izzard just needs to talk

If Eddie Izzard had chosen to become a history teacher instead of an entertainer his class would have been the most popular in school.

The British comedian and actor Izzard kicked off Stripped, his cross-Canada comedy tour in Toronto over the weekend.

The show takes fans on a rollicking tour of the history of Earth, from one-celled amoeba to man landing on the moon. While Izzard openly admits he learns much more from Wikipedia and the Discovery Channel than from any formal education, the knowledge and opinions he spreads are entertaining and enlightening.

Despite the fact he’s spent a great deal of time honing his material, Izzard is at his best when he’s ad libbing. At one point during the Toronto show, Izzard asks the Massey Hall audience who Mr. or Mrs. Massey is (Vincent Massey was a governor general of Canada). He then continues on with a rant about the British monarchy.

Izzard, who may be the best known transvestite in the world, explained his appearance — he was not in drag — by telling the audience, “I am in boy mode.”

Izzard seems to thoroughly enjoy being on stage. He is that guy you meet at a party that you instantly find captivating and can’t seem to walk away from.

“These show are mainly for me,” he admits. “I’m just trying to make myself laugh.”

After stopping the audience from applauding for the umpteenth time. Izzard tells the crowd: “Most comedians want applause. I just want to talk to you.”

Sorry Eddie, but Canadians are polite and applaud talented people like you, but we love being able to talk to you as well.

Izzard’s Canadian tour will hit Calgary May 14, Edmonton May 17, Vancouver May 21 and 22, Ottawa May 28 and finishes up with two more dates in Toronto May 30 and 31. For show and ticket info go to eddieizzard.com.

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