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Boys to men

It’s impossible not to notice how the faces in this photo have matured since you last saw an image of the Jonas Brothers, that is unless you’ve been tracking their growth like the fans who have made their previous tours the sellout smashes they’ve been.

We’ll assume you fall into the former category though, and were surprised to see the boys growing into fine young men. In a recent teleconference the brothers Jonas, Nick, Kevin and Joe, addressed this very subject.

“I think you might see a little bit of reflecting of us growing up a little bit,” says Nick of the band’s current tour, which is not actually in support of a current album, but just a reminder of who they are and who they have been.

“I think the decision was made because we knew that we had a lot of material coming out in different areas. And, I think we just felt that after releasing four albums in about three-and-a-half years, that it might be a bit of an overload. So, we started to not go with releasing an album this year. But I think, you know 2011, you can expect another Jonas Brothers album,” Nick says.

One definite sign of the group’s maturity is that Kevin is now married.

“This will be the first time that I have toured as a married man, so it should be a little bit different,” he says. “For us, our musical journey has just been a progression. We’re not trying to grow up too fast or anything, and I’m saying that even coming from being married. For us, we’re growing up with our audience, and — growing up with the people listening to our music, as well as the people all around us that are starting to listen to our music now as well.”

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