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Bracelets sparkle with DNA code

dna bracelet This bracelet contains your DNA code
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This piece of jewelry is the first fashion accessory that is truly one of a kind: DNAME’s bracelet is inscribed with your unique genetic code. But it’s just how your sequence is woven into the wristband is where things get all very CSI. The brains behind the brand send you a DNA home testing kit that includes a cotton-tipped swab to rub around the inside of your mouth (just like the crime thrillers).

This is then returned to a laboratory where the building blocks of your DNA code —guanine (G), adenine (A), thymine (T) and cytosine (C) — is lasered onto a 20 mm by 150 mm-brushed titanium or polished steel band. Metro chats to scientist and co-founder Mario Ricciardi about the new fashion formula that is currently at the funding stage on Kickstarter.

In this age of data protection, isn’t it bit risky walking around with your data strapped to the wrist?

To be honest, the sequence that is generated by the lab analysis is taken at random from your sequence, so nobody knows your exact genetic code.

And what about if the swab is intercepted between sender and receiver?

The data engraved on the bracelet is not sensitive, so it’s not a problem. And actually DNA is something that you can get from a glass at a bar.

Why would people want to wear their DNA over say their initials?

Unlike initials this is truly unique. Nobody else will have the same genetic code as you. It’s the ultimate form of customization out there. It makes for a very romantic engagement present and we’re looking at creating rings in addition to bracelets.

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