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Brandon Marshall says Jets season was like ‘having a diaper on and never changing it’

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Brandon Marshall just went there when describing the New York Jets season.

A 5-11 record is a far cry from where the Jets, 10-6 a year ago and on the brink of the playoffs in Week 17, thought their 2016 season would end up. But it was a classic Jets meltdown from top to bottom in a year of regression.

And that includes a poor season from Marshall, although the entire failings of the offense don’t fall entirely on his shoulders. But while Marshall had some struggles in 2016, he did sum up the entire season with great aplomb.

In fact, he might have just summed up the history of the franchise dating back to when Joe Namath left the organization.

“The best way I can describe it is, having a diaper on and never changing it,” Marshall says on this eek’s installment of ‘Inside the NFL’ which will air Tuesday night on Showtime. “And just sitting in that diaper the whole year. That’s how our year was. It was a bad year.”

He also weighed in on when he first noticed that the Jets season was going down and never coming back.

“When I first kind of had a feeling of shock was after the Kansas City game. You know, I think we all came into the season with high expectations. We understood the challenges that we were going to face with the tough schedule—the toughest schedule in all of football probably,” Marshall said. “We thought that we would have a top five defense. We thought that our offense will be better because it was our second year around. We had amazing chemistry the year before. [We] broke a lot of records and did some amazing things. So, I felt like that was the game we were like, ‘Wow. Maybe we aren’t as good as we thought we were.”

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