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Breno Giacomini: Media blowing up Golden Tate-Percy Harvin fight

Breno Giacomini Breno Giacomini, who was with Seattle last season and the Jets now, has no concerns about Percy Harvin.
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According to Jets right tackle Breno Giacomini, the fight between Golden Tate and Percy Harvin during Super Bowl week was over by the time the offensive lineman turned around from his locker.

Giacomini gives the trade last week that netted Harvin as the newest Jet a passing grade, saying “he’s gonna help us win some games.” He also has no concerns about Harvin’s character.

“He’s been a great teammate when he was back in Seattle. He is a great teammate now,” Giacomini told Metro. “I think the media is blowing this out of proportion. Those things happen in a locker room. I’ve been in fights before. It’s a competitive locker room there — like it is here. Those things happen there, everywhere really. It just doesn’t get blow up like this.”

Giacomini was a teammate of Harvin last year with the Super Bowl-winning Seahawks and got to know him on and off the field. He throws out superlatives such as “great guy” and “winner” when talking about the wide receiver.

Since being traded to the Jets, leaks from the Seahawks locker room have painted Harvin as a malcontent and troublemaker. Giacomini can only shake his head.

“Zero, zero concern. Guys moved on from it there,” Giacomini said. “That’s what happens, you move on. It really didn’t seem to bother us that much? Way too much is being made out of this.”

He tells Metro he keeps in contact with his former teammates in Seattle and that no one has sounded any caution or concern over Harvin fitting in with what is now a relatively serious Jets locker room.

Friday’s trade is the second time Harvin has been traded in his six-year NFL career. The Jets traded to help upgrade a total offense which is No. 19 in the NFL. But they also got someone who now is clouded in controversy.

Giacomini shook his head when asked about if Harvin is a character concern in this locker room.

The altercation during Super Bowl week occurred at the Giants training facility on the day the Seahawks took their team photo. Giacomini was in the locker room at the time and had his back turned to what would become a fight between Tate and Harvin.

By the time he had turned around, he says everything had cleared up.

“They settled it. They got together and they settled it,” Giacomini said. “We went off and took the team photo then. Everyone was smiling. Why? Because it wasn’t a big deal.

“We got a playmaker and a great teammate in this trade. I’ve got no worries at all. I’m glad he’s got the locker next to me. He’s going to fit right in here.”

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