Brentwood mother wants baby back - Metro US

Brentwood mother wants baby back

BRENTWOOD – A Brentwood woman is locked in a heated legal battle with a well-heeled Upper East Side couple over who has custody of her baby.

Vilma Ramirez, 35, who came to the U.S. from El Salvador, filed papers in Manhattan court on March 7 to force the return of her 1-month-old girl after signing adoption papers that she claimed to misunderstand. Ramirez, a cook with three other children, decided to put her baby up for adoption and signed away guardianship in December. She thought she would be able to have contact with the child, she said.

“I really did not understand the legal language,” Ramirez told the NY Post.

“If I had been advised that I would never see Esperanza [her daughter] again, I never would have signed any consent.” A Supreme Court judge decided last week that the case should be transferred to Manhattan Surrogate Court.

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