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Brew your own beer from the comfort of home

For any beer lovers out there, here’s an invention you can raise a glass to.

Igulu is the smart home brewing machine that lets boozers create their own beer in just seven days. You can select a recipe from the library, which includes an IPA, a pale ale and porter, or create your own. Then add water and the provided ingredients and press start. You can even customize how hoppy and alcoholic your beverage is. Being a smart gizmo, Igulu connects to your phone via Wi-Fi and lets you monitor the brew time, brew phase and temperature. The US-based company’s CEO Zhang Shu explains why a homemade beer is the tastiest.

Why did you decide to develop this device?

I’m definitely a home brew lover. The brewing procedure for a traditional brewing machine is time-consuming and hard to manage. Therefore, I want to make a change, that’s why the automated Igulu machine came out.

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Are you a huge fan of beer?

Yes, of course. Not only me but also my team, we’re a group of young people enjoying life and beer.

How does Igulu create beer?

Basically, beer brewing includes mashing, boiling, cooling and fermenting. The procedure may differ from different recipes. Igulu is a fully automated brewing machine, featuring one-touch brewing technology.

How long does the process take?

It usually takes two to three hours for mashing and boiling to get the wort, and then fermenting takes seven to 21 days, depending on the recipe.

Isn’t it faster just to buy a beer in the bar or store?

The most important thing is the flavor. The flavor of a craft home brew produced by Igulu is better than those bottled beers. Second, it’s cost-effective. The average price of Igulu beer is less expensive than those in bars and craft beer stores. Last, it’s fun. You can enjoy your own craft beer, which is incredibly satisfying.

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